Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just Some More Shit I Gotta Do

It's been so long since I took these photos that nobody gives a shit, right? I can't think of the last time that I went to two shows in one day (seeing Fatal Film in New London and then accidentally catching Candlebox at the casino afterwards doesn't count) (actually it was a couple of years ago when I saw Easy Action twice in the same night, but whatever). The main show that night was California X and Potty Mouth at the Westco Cafe, with at least one other band that I completely forget. No, wait, it was some band that played a Rage Against The Machine cover. Fuck, I remembered. But first Iron Hand and Weald played a show at Music House, on the other side of the Wesleyan campus, and that was pretty great. There was an Eddie Money record jacket tacked up on the wall in the living room, so somebody's got good taste (unless it was ironic) (yeah, no shit) (of course it was). Iron Hand played a bunch of new songs that were a slight departure from their older stuff -- more riffy, more hook-y than usual. Almost metal like the Accused or something, if you can believe that. I dug the new stuff a lot; I think there's a new Iron Hand record coming out, not sure on the details, but some of the tracks might be recorded already. Then everybody hustled over to Westco to catch the second show, and for some reason the kid at the door was nervous and asked me to make up some story to explain why I was there (since I'm obviously not a student), so I showed him my camera and said "I'm taking pictures for my blog, One Base on an Overthrow", and he said "right, okay, One Base on an Overthrow", as if he'd heard of it before. Then whether it was dumb luck or by accident, the dude who picked the songs to play in-between bands played "Waiting For The Man" (Velvet Underground) and "Roadrunner" (Modern Lovers) back to back, how the fuck can you beat that? Anyway, here ya go, here's some old photos I took.

Weald -

"Vengeance is Mine"

Potty Mouth, "Rusted Shut" (listen-only)

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