Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's Not A Crutch, It's Like A Step I Didn't See

Seeing the Mountain Movers last night was almost like watching two different bands, since their first two songs started out kinda jangly and mellow (my spell check doesn't like 'jangly', fuck off) and then they revved things up by the middle of their set, finishing off with a totally chaotic version of "I Watch The Sea" with noise bleeding in and out of yr ears and stuff. I was actually blocking Joe's video camera for the first two songs (stupid me), though luckily I got out of the way of the camera soon enough for a new song, "Dead Tomorrow", which was total power pop, hardly anything like any Mountain Movers song I've ever heard before (although some of the stuff on the "Come In"/"Get Out" cassettes sounds like GBV, I'll give them that). I know that none of you ever listen to me, but this was probably the best new song I've heard a CT band play all year, so hopefully that one shows up on YouTube. Then you'll also get Dan explaining what some of the artwork on the walls is about (rats being hypnotized or something), and it'll be a pretty neat thing. I also stumbled into picking up that A Burning Bus 7" that I've been trying to track down for a while, plus a bunch of '80s/'90s zeens like an old Flesh & Bones for a fucking buck plus a copy of BB Gun, which was Bob Bert's old zine and honestly kinda sucked but Bob's a good guy anyway and once described Liz Phair as "an over-hyped shit sandwich with stage fright", which, true or not, made me laugh hysterically the first time I read it.

The Mountain Movers, "We're Transcendent"

The Mountain Movers, "It's Just Summertime"

The Mountain Movers, "Willimantic Record Store"

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