Saturday, May 4, 2013

If I Was Your Face I'd Kick Your Ass

Since I started a new job I've been nodding at people a lot lately, which is what you do when you don't really want to bother getting to know someone that you just met, so you just nod at them when you walk by, like "Hey, what's up, motherfucker, okay, cool", instead of actually getting into a conversation. So now I'm doing it everywhere, even when I'm not at work, I can't get rid of it. Like last night I'm at The Whitney House, and in the road there was a big rat the size of a shoe that had just gotten run over right in front of Whitney House, and as I'm looking down at the rat a neighborhood kid walks by with his hood up, and I look up at him while I'm looking at the rat and then I nod at both of them like "hey, what's up, okay, cool, motherfucker." Then when I bought the new Gowl 7" from Seth he said "Cool, Dave, thanks for listening", and it almost seemed like he meant it.

Gowl -

"Escalate This..."

Misanthropic Noise -

"Who Cares"

Pizza HiFive -

"Bathsalt Bloodbath"

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