Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Live Down In The Mud With All The Other Tumblrs

I've started a Tumblr as sort of an offshoot to this blog, mostly because I got sick and tired of all the pay-to-post crap that's been going on with Facebook, although you've never read the One Base on an Overthrow Facebook so you wouldn't know that, would you. Of semi-interest to one or two of you, I'll be using the Tumblr to occasionally re-post older tracks from the blog archives, i.e. the stuff that stopped working or isn't playable anymore.

If you've got yr own Tumblr then drop a note in the comments section and maybe I'll follow it, although probably not, it doesn't seem like you and me have much in common anyway.

 photo the-brak-show-show-header300_zps6846ac96.jpg

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