Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I've Been Figuring Out How To Sleep At Night

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This first Home Blitz 7" is pretty fucking stellar, as is the one that came after it, plus you should already own all of these tracks anyway because they came out on a CD on Gulcher which you can still buy thru Gulcher’s web site for twelve bucks or something, which is like CD prices from back when people still wanted to buy CDs, so jump on it in 2013 feller like it's 1998. Dan DiMaggio maybe didn’t invent sloppy home-recorded lo-fi rock with Home Blitz, but he was certainly the first to bring an overt cock-rock influence to it (at least to these ears -- Speaking Canaries not withstanding, of course), perhaps most noteably displayed by his Slade and Cock Sparrer covers as well as a penchant for sounding somewhat like The Speedies (everyone remembers the Speedies, right? sure thing hoss). Not to mention all the other neat tricks throughout the Home Blitz catalog, like recording a record out on the sidewalk, or pretending to stop in the middle of a song for a piece of gum, or the phone ringing in the background, or the casually insane tempo changes just for the fuck of it. That oughta piss off the squares, right? Yeah, so don't be a square, cube.

Home Blitz -

"Apocalyptic Grades 2005 A.D."


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