Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Promise You Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Sometimes our need to be social animals and interact with other people interferes with our other needs, such as

The need to go to a show in western Mass
on a Sunday night,


The need to be up at 5am so you can be at
work in Boston the next morning

The main reason why I went up to The Flywheel last Sunday was to see Gowl, since I knew I wasn't going to be sticking around for the last two bands on the bill anyway. Plus hanging out at The Flywheel is cool, they have neat stuff, like you can check out their massive zine library and read a bunch of old zines in-between bands if there's nothing else to do. Gowl kinda started out half-shitty, and then by the second half of their set they were killing it. I actually overheard two different people humming "Bastard Song" to themselves afterwards, like it was a Scorpions concert or something. Supposedly Gowl have a new record coming out shortly, though it's hard to tell because the guys in the band are a bunch of dicks and nobody ever wants to give you a straight answer about anything.

I'd never seen Limbs Bin before so it sounded all like one long piece to me, although I found out later that it was supposed to be a bunch of different songs. Like, there was a set list on the ground which should've been a give-away, but I thought it was just notes telling the guy "after thirty seconds turn the left knob a quarter of an inch the other way" or something. I'm not familiar with 'noise' stuff beyond thinking that it's usually a guy with a bunch of boxes nailed to a board, while Limbs Bin has vocals and is more like short bursts of 20-second electronic hardcore songs all running into each other, so that was kind of interesting. Not anything that I'd sit around the house listening to tapes of, necessarily, but something I'd go to see a few more times if I felt like it. That's sort of an endorsement, by the way.

Mean Man's Dream are one of those bands that's made up of a bunch of guys who are already in other bands, playing slow screamy pissed-off stuff like Deadguy or one of those other '90s bands that I never really listened to. I tend to have a frame of reference that leans towards things that I already know, so I thought Mean Man's Dream sounded like Ferocious Fucking Teeth if FFT were more AmRep/rock-oriented, though that's not a comparison that's really going to get me anywhere because it's probably dead wrong and besides there's maybe 2 people outside of Connecticut who've heard Ferocious Fucking Teeth. MMD have good songs, though, and I dug their set a lot (even though I left in the middle of it), plus they seem to be named after a Gore album and "Hart Gore" was one of my prized possessions back when I was a lot younger and crankier than I am now.

Mean Man's Dream, "Saviors"

Gowl, "Highlife, Low Resources"

Gowl, "Bastard Song"

Limbs Bin, "Part of The Problem"

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Anonymous said...

that Mean Man's Dream is killer...never heard of them...and speaking as one myself, i can see how Rumpshaker would piss you off if you were not a child of 90's metalcore overcompensation.