Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm Worth A Million In Prizes

I stopped at The Wh tn y House on my way up to Mass. last Sunday, to check out a couple of the bands that were playing and, you know, make a general warm nuisance of myself. Gowl went on first and played what was probably the best set I've ever seen them play, though in my head as I write that I'm not even sure what would make any Gowl set their 'best' -- nothing too drastically broke? None of the guys in the band tried to kill each other? Gowl has a new 11-song 7" due out right about now, and it's total quality, I'm sure. I mean, I really like at least 4 Gowl songs ("Highlife", "Bastard Song", and I forget what the other two are), so what's that, a .363 batting average (4-for-11)? That's as good as Rogers Hornsby, at least.

Stone Titan played without their bass player, who had skipped town or something, and as much as I thought the new bass player was the one thing that was really holding their sound together, Stone Titan's set on Sunday was a total rager. Playing as a two-piece (dig the Fang shirt), it seems like Scott just went 'fuckit' and played everything as aggressively as possible, without all the slow demonic psych stuff, not that I mind the slow demonic psych stuff, it's just that... well, you know. This was like a ZZ Top version of Stone Titan rather than an Iron Butterfly version of Stone Titan, so guess which one I'm gonna like more? Doesn't matter, I'm not even supposed to be listening to this kind of stuff anyway, I don't like any songs that are over a minute-and-a-half long. Mr. Internet says the test pressings are in for the Stone Titan LP, it's a good thing I hang out on Facebook all day (fuck blogs, ya know?) or I'd miss this kind of stuff.

Stone Titan -

"Alaskan Thunderfuck (live)"

Gowl -


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Jason said...

Love how in that top shot Seth is bending the ba-jesus out of that A string with his pinky finger. He must not be able to eat with a fork without completely ruining it.