Friday, April 26, 2013

Chew A Little Quieter, Please

 photo CTIndieMixTape_zps1a7228ef.jpg
I finally got around to listening to the "Ct Indie Summer Mix Tape", which was handed to me at a show last year sometime (and they're not tapes, they're CD-R's, what's wrong with you people?). Most of the good songs I kinda knew already, but out of the rest of 'em, the Spectral Fangs track was one that had me hittin' the repeat button a few times. It takes its time building up, but finishes off with a crackling Sic Alps/Box Elders/Woodsist vibe. Oh, wait, is that sound "over" already? The fuck would I care about that? Too bad none of the other songs on their Bandcamp interested me all that much, but they've got this one song, at least.

Spectral Fangs -

"All Night Headache Part 2"

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