Sunday, February 17, 2013

If I Can't Smoke And Swear I'm Fucked

You could probably make a case for Loli & The Chones and Registrators having the 2nd and 3rd best Rip Off Records LPs behind "Got a Record", but I dunno, that's for other people to talk about. You could also probably make a case for how self-referential a lot of the Rip Off Records stuff was in hindsight (Rip Offs = Crime, Crime had a song called "Terminal Boredom", Registrators also have a song called "Terminal Boredom" which isn't the Crime song), and that's the stuff I love to talk about because there's usually a spot to make one or two good jokes out of it, only I took a nap and now I forgot what the one or two good jokes were (something about Red Lobster? How there are now more Black Flags than there are good Black Flag records? I forget)(boy, that Black Flag joke is gonna sound really dated in about a month). Anyway, this is a pretty good record, I'm glad I got around to posting it before this blog sunk into a total High-Steppin' Nickel Kids/NRBQ disaster-fest and I ended up just shutting the thing down completely or something.

Registrators -

"No Situation"

"Just Wanna Kill Everything"

"Scratch Your Heart"

"Terminal Boredom"



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