Sunday, February 17, 2013

If I Can't Smoke And Swear I'm Fucked

You could probably make a case for Loli & The Chones and Registrators having the 2nd and 3rd best Rip Off Records LPs behind "Got a Record", but I dunno, that's for other people to talk about. You could also probably make a case for how self-referential a lot of the Rip Off Records stuff was in hindsight (Rip Offs = Crime, Crime had a song called "Terminal Boredom", Registrators also have a song called "Terminal Boredom" which isn't the Crime song), and that's the stuff I love to talk about because there's usually a spot to make one or two good jokes out of it, only I took a nap and now I forgot what the one or two good jokes were (something about Red Lobster? How there are now more Black Flags than there are good Black Flag records? I forget)(boy, that Black Flag joke is gonna sound really dated in about a month). Anyway, this is a pretty good record, I'm glad I got around to posting it before this blog sunk into a total High-Steppin' Nickel Kids/NRBQ disaster-fest and I ended up just shutting the thing down completely or something.

Registrators -

"No Situation"

"Just Wanna Kill Everything"

"Scratch Your Heart"

"Terminal Boredom"



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice Post.

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Brushback said...

Thanks, I got it at a yard sale

Andrew Graham said...

Dude! Speaking as a Nickel Kid (and almost 4 years late on this comment), I'm not sure I appreciate sharing a slash with NRBQ...? I have a friend who raves about them, but I never heard anything about them that seemed remarkable.

But my band? Naturally, we were exceptionally remarkable! Sorry if we were dragging your content down or something. (I just came across your blog again today, looking for MOTO lyrics.)

Anyhow, we'll take on NRBQ anytime they feel like stepping up.