Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I've Got My Own Communication

Starvation Army started out sorta thrash and ended up sorta metal, but the singles/EP's that make up the middle portion of their ouput represent some of the most underrated p-rock being lobbed out of Cleveland during the '80s. Certainly none of the Maximums and the Flipsides paid SA any attention, which is easy to forget since the post-Yohannan MRR will cover just about anything nowadays. "Deep Sea Diver" is probably my second-favorite Starvation Army song (after "City as a Ghost", off 1986's "New Way to Burn" EP), and it follows none of the obvious punk rock formulas of the day, except for Radio Birdman maybe. "Payback" is maybe not as unconventional, but the needle was already down on the vinyl so I just decided to keep going, if only for the frantic/somewhat-annoying "PAYBACK IS A MOTHERFUCKER PAYBACK IS A MOTHERFUCKER" sing-along chorus.

Starvation Army -

"Deep Sea Diver"



lex dexter said...

Another year and more gaps filled in, you bleeping so-and-so. Now is there anything to recommend by Homestead Recording Artists Sorry?

Brushback said...

Someone else asked me about Sorry a couple months ago. I kinda overlooked them back then - I either wanted something fast or something hooky, and they weren't enough of either one for me.

Daniel said...

Ticket to Oblivion was always a ripping SA song.