Saturday, January 5, 2013

For A Minute There I Thought You Said Something Smart

I got to The Whitney House at around 9 last night and was outta there by 10:30 without missing any of the bands, so overall I'd say things went pretty well. Hey, giving credit where credit is due. Misanthropic Noise's set was pretty excellent, even as their shit kept breaking (obviously to me a couple of patch cord glitches and a floor tom flopping over = "shit keeps breaking"). The last time I saw Misanthropic Noise -- which I think was one of their "battle" sets with Gowl -- I remember thinking that their drummer was pretty good; now I've upgraded that to thinking he's one of the top 5 or 6 drummers from around here. I mean, last night he was half the band, at least.

I wasn't all that into the second band and thought about leaving, but I ended up sticking around anyway for Aspects of War which kinda worked out because they were totally fucking nuts. It's been a while since the last really crazy fucked-up punk show I've caught at The Whitney House (probably Warning//Warning at the end of last year), but this was another one of those, with the singer knocking people over and throwing himself into the crowd and stuff. I mean, there was only about 5 people there besides the other bands so there was only so much that he could do, but I can appreciate the effort at least. Non-stop raw d-beat noise stuff (don't tell me where to put my commas, asshole),, shoulda known they'd sound great in a basement. I think the guitar player used to be in Fuckheads, too.

Aspects of War -

"Bombarded For Days"

Misanthropic Noise -

"Where's The Party, Party Man?"

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