Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Gonna Find Myself Another Place That I Can Leave

"A Girl Named Yes" compiled a buttload of Prisonshake's '80s output onto one convenient LP for the Aussie crowd, basically serving as a companion to the Scat-released 4 x 7" and "I'm Really Fucked Now" 'box' sets, which is where most of the tracks here were taken from. This is about as close to a Prisonshake 'greatest hits' LP as you're gonna get, and a pretty hefty thing to own in its own right even if you already have all the singles (as I do), because you can just drop the needle on Side A and let track after track of solid rokke action steamroll by you. I'm obviously repeating myself with the majority of the rips here, but it's not like any of you have been paying attention since the beginning anyway, so here's your chance to grab some of these tracks again. "Ask The Bartender" is the one not-really-found-anywhere-else song on here, presuming I'm not forgetting something, and it ranks in the top half as far as the Prisonshake catalog goes -- not quite a "Ron Kinda World" but at least a "Someone Else's Car", if you get what I'm saying. "Fall Right Down" and "She Talks Trouble" are two gems from the "120 Days" EP (you'll note that the crummy compressed cymbal sound carried over from the 7" to the LP), while "Deanna" is simply one of the best American rock singles sides you could possibly own in my opinion, even if you'll never own the one with all the poker chips in it. The blistering "Elijah" -- a song about waiting for a 'friend' to bring some 'stuff' -- is a beast, and one that practically by itself made "Hotel Cleveland" a compilation worth owning. Listening to these five tracks in a row also serves to remind you that Prisonshake certainly had one hell of a drummer.

Prisonshake -

"Ask The Bartender"



"She Talks Trouble (Ginn Slips In version)"

"Fall Right Down"


Anonymous said...

I love the way this album starts: "Cut loose with the watts, pussy." Also, Fairfield Avenue Serenade is absolutely epic. Did I hear talk about some kind of P-shake box set from Scat? Would love to see that, but the Scat site's been dormant for about a year and a half now. Bummer - love those guys.

panzan said...

Any chance you can post more tracks? I'm a Prisonshake completist - I have this LP but no means to rip it at home. I'll be happy to trade a 1991 bootleg in gratitude. Thanks?

Fairfield Ave Serenade
I Hear Your Name
Shook Like Roses
Kill That Bottle

Brushback said...

Panzan, I'll have to see what I'm up to doing... I know that I already have Fairfield Ave Serenade, I Hear Your Name, Kill That Bottle, and Shook Like Roses ripped to my computer from the original 7"-ers (the tracks on the LP are the same as the 7" tracks), so that would leave me with just the other two. I think I might have your e-mail somewhere, I can send the files as attachments...

Brushback said...

And, yeah, as for the other comment, there was talk about a Prisonshake retrospective box set (it might even still be listed with a catalog number on the Scat web site), but I'm guessing the idea's been shelved...

Daniel said...

Scott Pickering the drummer in that photo(was he on the records)is a ripper and a nice guy. He's done time with a lot of Clevo bands.

Stathis said...

Hello again,

can you, please, send me a link for the whole LP?
My e-mail is

Thank you very much

Best Regards
Efstathiou Stathis

Brushback said...

Well, I didn't rip the whole LP, just the tracks that are here. So these are the only tracks that I have.