Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Hasn't Been Easy Staying In My Rut

I haven't been around the old burg as much as I used to be, so going to a show at The Whitney House felt like an old shoe, that is if the old shoe was a show that always started an hour late and sometimes the first band would kinda suck, but then some cool people would show up anyway. Iron Hand are back to being active again after what seemed to be about a 6-month hiatus -- now that they've added a new bass player (Dennis from Loach, Zone, etc) -- and they seem to be playing their songs a lot faster now, too, although maybe it's just me. You can now go to the Iron Hand bandcamp page and download their two 7"-ers from a year or two ago (, if you find yourself needing some catching up to do. I haven't seen Consumption in about 6 months also, and now with the second guitar they sound even more like Oiltanker than they used to, although I guess that's to be expected. Both bands played killer sets and everyone seemed to be getting into it, no-one brought any merch with them, and I had time to go to the 7-11 and get a coffee before the really good stuff started, which means the night went kinda alright. Just figured I'd mention it.

Consumption -

"The Collapse"

Iron Hand -

"Usurper Divine"

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