Monday, December 24, 2012

Hate Us Or Love Us We Don't Give A Fuck

When a copy of this crawled its way into Redscroll a while ago I quickly snagged it, even though the sound quality is pretty iffy (bootleg-quality live tracks from '77), because I'd rather have a shitty-sounding Crime record than a good-sounding record by one of those bands that you like, Title Fight or whatever. Besides, it was through a cruddy-sounding live tape (of "She's a Cadaver") that I first discovered the Pagans, back in '84 or whenever, so don't be afraid to pass those shitty tapes around, you never know when some good might come out of it. This was originally a bootleg called "Terminal Boredom" which Planet Pimp then 'officially' re-issued, so that more people could own the same crappy-sounding Crime record I guess.

Crime -

"Dillinger's Brain"

"Terminal Boredom"


All I Want. said...

Cheers for this. I'd forgotten about Planet Pimp reissuing it. I know Mike Lucas had his nose in it somewhere along the line. Merry Xmas from Merrie England.

Brushback said...