Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Like Where That Landed

A couple of weeks ago, or whenever it was, was the WristLikeThis "casette release party" in New London, which was kicked off by a bunch of us just basically standing around on Golden Street, listening to the tape song-by-song as it blasted out of a pickup truck with all the doors open. Eventually an old lady walked up (with her husband) and told us "I'd rather put a fucking bullet in my brain than listen to this stuff." I KNOW, RIGHT?!! And she actually said "fucking"! Old people these days, they got no manners.

WristLikeThis also played later on, and had copies of their debut tape for sale for five bucks along with some old-ass Walkmans that you could buy for five bucks also, just to piss off the naysayers. First, though, Powerblessings (one word you doinks) plowed through their own set, which featured a few new songs plus one kinda slow one which is sort of a set-killer but I can tell that it's gonna sound pretty decent on the record. They've kinda been needing something to mix up the tempos, anyway. The singer (Jon) offered a free copy of their 7" EP to anyone who'd take their pants off and then stand there with their shoes back on, to which Matt Potter promptly obliged, although he didn't really need to cuz he said he already owns the record. The other punchline is that he takes his pants off like that at every show, so he was gonna do it anyway. That's what I've heard, at least.

Other lies/less-interesting tidbits involve waiting outside the mens room for like ten minutes, wondering 'what guy takes ten minutes to use the frigging mens room', only to have two girls finally walk out. Matt Gouette was standing right there, you could ask him.

Powerblessings, "Go To Hell"

WristLikeThis!, "CLEEN"

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