Thursday, August 30, 2012

You're In This All Alone

I was pretty friggin' psyched to see the new Million Sellers LP show up in my mailbox yesterday. Kels Koch lives in Nashville now, instead of Texas, and so his last few records have a little more twang added and a little more Buddy Holly taken away, but that's okay because he still cranks out some of the best tunes ever -- like as if a trad songwriter had roots in Alex Chilton, Ward Dotson, and Paul Westerberg, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't but it still sounds like it.

"Music City USA" was released on CD, which I have also, but the really cool part is that in addition to the CD they also pressed up a version on vinyl... in MONO. The download code for the LP gives you the stereo versions of the mp3's, but I think it's pretty wicked that the LP sounds completely different: a nod to the mono LP pressings of the past, as well as a nod, too, to the fact that most people won't ever drop a needle on the vinyl and will just listen to the mp3s, I guess.

Million Sellers -

(mono version)

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