Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Not That Simple It's Just Your Reading Of It

It's been over three years since I last saw Birth of Flower, or since before the name change, which really means that I haven't seen them at all. Then the other night I saw them at the Handsome Woman in Willimantic on a bill with Delay and Groomers, and all of a sudden, holy shit, they're like the best band on the fucking planet. Or in Connecticut, anyway. They started off with a new song that they introduced as "being influenced by Wire, but not the Wire that plays short songs, the Wire that plays 5-minute songs-- sorry", and then proceeded to play the best song I've heard from a CT band all year. I don't have a tape recorder in my head so my memory's a bit fuzzy, but optimism makes me want to think that it sounded something either like the Gordons or Plagal Grind's "Blackout" with more Lemmy. The song they played after that was almost as good, or maybe even better, I think it was "Fig Tree". They name-checked Can once during their set, too, and what band from around here ever does that? I think Birth of Flower are playing Daggett St. this Friday, but try to check them out if they end up playing anywhere near you, because it's totally sick how good they are now.

Birth of Flower, "The Fig Tree"

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