Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Guess I'm Kind Of Simple

Boston's Headless Heyday released a bunch of records under a bunch of different names (Hollow Heyday, Headless Heyday, Hostile Heyday) -- I posted the Hostile Heyday 7" about 4 years ago, so here's another one that I picked up along the way. As I said before, "sounds like Phantom Tollbooth gone Dischord, either that or a whole bunch of '90s Jade Tree bands that have no clue that Hostile Heyday completely owned their shit a decade earlier." The back cover almost looks like the Book Slave 7", and lists all the songs as being 2:38 long even though none of them are. Gotta love a band that slings upside-down guitar stuff and doesn't really give a shit one way or another.

Headless Heyday -




Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea if the Hollow Heyday Abandoned LP is any good at all?

Brushback said...

I've actually never heard it -- I've only seen a copy once, but I didn't buy it.

Brushback said...

Okay, so now I've heard it. Amazing how a lot of H.Heyday's stuff sounds so much like Honor Role.

Anonymous said...

The Abandoned LP is very good. I was lucky enough to see Hollow Heyday when I lived up in Boston perform a few times throughout 1989/90. They played most of the Abandoned LP at that time and they were good and loud live.

I would recommend picking up the LP.

Anonymous said...

I bought the LP back in the early 90s, lost it, managed to survive without it for many years and eventually found it on ebay 2 years ago. Definitely worth the price - whatever that price is. An underrated gem. One of the very few records from that era I still listen to nowadays - though it is so original and unique and powerful it transcends genres and eras.

Brushback said...

Some store around here (Connecticut) had a copy of the LP a number of years ago, but I forget which store I was in when I saw it... might be gone now, anyway