Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sometimes I Can't See Any Sunlight

"Old style punk rock with Biafra-ish/Doc Dart-tinged vocals, though not really that bad, plus the cover art of the band dropping out of Tom Scholz' flying saucer with people running away is pretty funny. Not as good as the Abused but probably better than No Milk on Tuesday" -- Brushback #4 review

This is a pretty decent single to get to know about if you're at all interested in checking out good '90s CT punk (which, since you're here, is somewhat questionable). I'd actually say that with a more manly band name and a less off-putting sleeve, this single would've gotten a lot more notice or at least be as highly regarded right now as the Kitty Badass CD (that's a joke, no one remembers the Kitty Badass CD, that's just how it's done around here). Connecticut was a huge breeding ground for fuzzy rock back in the '90s -- i.e. the M.U.D.D. Industries roster and so forth -- but there were also a bands like Fudge Daddy-Os and Kitty Badass that were taking straightforward punk rock and adding something a little different to it, in the end coming up with a sound that was sharp, spastic, and melodic, similar in a lot of ways to the stuff that bands like Libyans and Foreign Objects and White Lung are pumping out now. Plus the intro passage to "Really?" is a giveaway that at one point these guys listened to a lot of early Meat Puppets, too. Or something-- I've just been guessing this whole time.

Fudge Daddy-O's -

"Apathy as a Lifestyle"



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