Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nothing Is Funny

It's my guess that ten years from now the TermBo/HoZac-metal of today will be viewed much like the AmRep/Noiseville stuff of the late '80s/early '90s is currently viewed (i.e. with grumbles of "what's with this repetitive shit?" and/or a healthy bit of skepticism)... which isn't to say that this isn't a great record. I mean, sure, "Fresh Cuts" might come across as just another "World's Lousy", only without the foresight or graphics panache, but five of the six tracks here are top-notch rippers (The Curtains track isn't bad, for skittish post-punk stuff, but I'm leaving it off anyway). Supposedly only 300 of these were pressed and "sold out instantly!!" -- when I bought it at an FNU Ronnies show at the end of '09, the roughly-formulated selling point was that it was already out of print -- yet there have been copies listed for sale on Criminal IQ's web site every single time I've looked since then, so all of it was just another one of those phony hype jobs I guess.

I doubt that any of you would've noticed that I'd already posted "Ain't No Place" back when I first got this (except maybe now that I've mentioned it), but I could use something to do today anyway so I guess it wouldn't hurt to post the rest of it. FNU Ronnies and White Load are most likely the best out of this whole dump, of course; as for the rest, the Kill the Hippies song is abnormally great and really funny, starting out like some wavo-o college rock stuff before dropping into total thrash, while Sick Jump and Hank Wood kinda ape each other (no, really, go buy a Hank Wood record and see that I'm lying), and Flying Trichecos "Recidivist" is a Bastro cover. No, it's not, but I'm betting that none of you will bother to read down this far anyway.

FNU Ronnies -

"Ain't No Place"

White Load -

"Nothing Is Funny"

Kill the Hippies -

"No Control But Dance Control"

Sick Jump! -

"Fuck Kids"

Flying Trichecos -



Anonymous said...

yeah..that Kill the Hippies song is pretty much the greatest.

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