Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Failures Selected By God

This isn't something that I'd normally post, since I don't feel like doing the rips myself, but I really like this tape a lot so fuckit. I've probably listened to this tape a hundred times since I got it a few years ago (it's only 4 songs so it's really not that hard), though that includes the other day when my mp3 player crapped out right at the beginning of a two-hour drive so all I had to listen to was a Judas Priest tape that was already in the glove compartment, and this Meth Teeth tape. Not that I hate "Living After Midnight" or "Breaking The Law" or anything, but I ended up listening to the Meth Teeth tape about 20 times in a row, obviously.

I'm guessing that most of you have heard of Meth Teeth before (me being all hip and shit, just assuming things), but if you haven't, figure this sounds as if Country Teasers and Nerve City split themselves in half and made a new band from the spare parts. All four songs on here shred, and if you like stuff like Sic Alps and Eat Skull then you'll probably like this. This tape actually first came out as "Indian Spirits", and then Night People re-issued it as "self titled" (which is the version I have) about a year later. I forget where I swiped these mp3's from, which was back when "Indian Spirits" first came out; probably from Pukekos, or Robbie Simon's blog. Saves you the hassle of having to deal with my rips, which is a good thing.

Meth Teeth -

"Failures Selected By God"

"A Thousand Regrets"

"I Was Wrong"


Anonymous said...

God Meth Teeth rule. That Everything Went Wrong LP with this 7" on it rules.

Hey, quick question, was it you who had the two favorite, underrated SoCal punk albums? I think one was that second Nip Drivers record, but what was the other? I was curious.

Anyways, blog hard, keep up the great work, yadda yadda you already know.

Brushback said...

Yeah, Nip Drivers and Condemned to Death.

Also Crucifix "Dehumanization" and Decry "Falling", if I had to make a top 4.