Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dead Doing Show Tunes

"Tracks like 'Trigger Glo', 'Transister', and 'Mothball' help make this one of the most exhilarating blasting-out guitar rushes of the past century or so, with the starting-off point figuring to be the severely melodic songs that Lou Barlow wrote on the first few Dinosaur LPs, before his career went into the toilet and he disappeared... the calmer songs are no less interesting, with some of them (like 'Airborne Cherry') having a bit of an Honor Role feel to them" -- original Brushback #5 review

This sorta hand-made, silkscreened, hand-numbered, unassuming-looking thing is one of my favorites out of all the lesser-known CDs that I bought back in the '90s, mostly because it rocks pretty heavily from all over the place, besides reminding me of a bunch of bands that I really liked 10 years earlier (Dino Role, or whatever their name was). I probably never would've ever bought this at all, except that one day I walked into Brass City Records when "Trigger Glo" was playing, and I stopped immediately and was like, "what is this?!" "Trigger Glo" pretty much nails it, much like Chavez' "Top Pocket Man" where everything you'd like -- the drums, the guitars, and the melody -- is all right there in one 3 to 4 minute rock song.

There was also a Helikopter 7" which came out a few years before this, which I posted on this blog about 3 years ago, which nobody listened to. Kinda like what'll happen now.

Helikopter -

"Trigger Glo"


"Triangle Sun"


"Airborne Cherry"
(hidden track: "RazorCake")


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