Thursday, May 31, 2012

If We Light Ourselves On Fire, We Can Go Anywhere

This show was originally supposed to be at Redscroll but then got moved to The Whitney House, which turned out great for me because it saved me about 50 miles worth of driving... I watched Gowl for about three songs, and then went upstairs to pound a forty put my camera away (it gets annoying to carry around all the time), and by the time I got back downstairs they were done already. So I guess Gowl does 5-minute sets now, and I just didn't notice... Iron Hand pulled off a pretty good set, wiping away the remains of their Wesleyan set from a month earlier, when they went played with only one guitarist and the riffs didn't sound as strong. I think I might've even noticed a new song or two this time, but I'm not really good at that sort of thing. The main vocal mic at The Whitney House has been sounding even shittier lately, but Brian's vocals just pushed right through, which was pretty impressive... This was the 'record release show' for the new Stone Titan 7", which features a penis on the cover (sorta like a Pansy Division record). I saw Stone Titan a couple of years before and wasn't all that into it, but then I started listening to their tapes all the time in the car since then, and started liking them a lot. I wish I had the mp3's to their Supergiant EP, because it's really the best thing they've ever done; someone should seriously press that thing to vinyl. If I had a couple thousand dollars just hanging around, I'd even offer to do it myself. Stone Titan are also the loudest band I've ever seen at The Whitney House, even louder than Oiltanker that one time.

Stone Titan, "Planet Melter"

Iron Hand, "Liquid Assets"

Gowl side of split 7" with Agitate (6 songs)

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