Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Don't Need A Thing From You

This is one of the records that I got from Get Hip when I was on their promo list for about a month, back like 14 years or so ago (holy shit). Electric Frankenstein used to be right up there alongside the likes of New Bomb Turks and Devil Dogs as far as meaty O.G.-style punk rock goes, although it doesn't seem like they could ever keep a steady lineup or stay on one label for very long, so eventually their power petered out. The earlier stuff with Jim Foster (who was with A.O.D. for "Let's Barbecue") is really good, though, with lotsa thick "Jealous Again"/"Nervous Breakdown" Black Flag type riffs... the kinda stuff that Off! is having some success with now, only Electric Frankenstein didn't have a singer who looked like a tree, so they didn't get as far. Both sides of this EP are good, although the second side is where most of the rippers are -- including a cover of "Out There" by F-Word, which originally appeared with "Action High" on a 7" -- so I'll put up the entire second side here.

Electric Frankenstein -

"Learn to Burn"


"Born Wild"

"Out There"

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biopunk said...

Wow. This I like!

Got a bit of a Cosmic Psychos flavour in there too.