Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Can Bet That It Wasn't Me

I'm not sure how much you can believe the back cover blurb-- "this leaves skid marks on all our other shit"-- still, this is still pretty rulin'... it's the Rip Offs, duh. Four songs from the Rip Offs' first recording, including one song that I don't think they ever re-recorded for anything else ("Hooked on Phonics"), although it's just a dumb pop-punk song that Jon Von (Mr. T Experience) wrote. This is the single that was supposedly boot-legged by one member of the band without the rest of the band knowing about it. I dunno, that's just a story I read.

The Rip Offs -

"Leave You Cold"

"I Can't Stop"

"Hooked on Phonics"


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