Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've Had About As Much As I Can Stand

The early Lime Spiders stuff is mostly unbeatable, even if afterwards they would settle into a string of "Slave Girl" rewrites... of which "Weirdo Libido" is definitely one, leaning on Mick Blood's "I know a girl who lives down the lane/She's got a curl that drives me insane" schtick ad infinitum. Otherwise, the one other original track on this EP, "Here With My Love", is an absolute keeper, as is the flipside: four slash-and-burn covers recorded live in 1985, including a 2-minute revved-up version of Love's "My Flash On You", which comes out sounding a bit like "Wango Tango".

Lime Spiders -

"Weirdo Libido"

"Here With My Love"

"I Was Alone"

"My Flash On You"


Holly said...

Thanks a bunch for ripping this!

Brushback said...

Yr welcome!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

so you have time to rerip/slag my posted stuff but not send those songs...yeah yeah I get sure sure pick on the fat kid..jk

Brushback said...

Well, if I own it and I think it's worth it, I'm gonna rip it and post it. That's what the thing says down at the bottom. :)

It's more about me yakking about my collection and documenting the records with pictures than whether or not any of this stuff is rare or has been posted anywhere else before.