Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Ain't Talkin' To Me

A big rock show at The Whitney House... I'm not sure if Powerblessings were better than the first time I saw them, mostly because that first time I was busy getting blown away by their sound, while the second time around I'd had a chance to hear their 7", so I was able to pay more attention to the songs... again, Powerblessings sound like Pipe mixed with Jettison/Understand-era Naked Raygun. They played at least one new song, which was as good as all the others, although I forgot the name of it (began with an R or a V or something)... Lushlife are a bunch of guys who've been around in a bunch of CT bands (100 Demons, Chelloveck 4, I'm pretty sure), especially Pugs, the guitar player, who I first saw with The Ugly Truth and The Spoilers back in the '90s. Lushlife play punked-up rock and roll, and I can picture them doing pretty well whenever they play at places like Cafe Nine and Elm Bar, basically because they've got the showmanship thing down pat. They mixed-in a handful of covers, the only one which I remember being "Motorhead", plus Toby spat out the lyrics to "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" and G.I.'s "I'm James Dean" during breaks, though I don't think they actually covered them. Both Jon (Powerblessings) and Toby were cracking funny one-liners the whole night, which was definitely different from the sort of thing that I'm used to seeing at Whitney. Buy the new Powerblessings 7", it's out now and it's pretty good...

Powerblessings -

"Stunt Whale"

Lushlife -

"Aces and Eights"

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