Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'd Rather Know You Than Be Right All Of The Time

I'm usually embarrassed whenever a friend asks me to check out their band, since I'm figuring that they're expecting me to like the songs and I'd rather just be a grouch and hate everything. I mean, who needs the pressure. Most of the time the stuff turns out to be pretty good, though, which is a relief. It's bad enough that people even talk to me, right?

Lurve is what Mike from Guilty Faces/Rat Byte is up to now, and when I first listened to the demos that Mike sent to me a while ago, I felt right away that the songs were good. There weren't any song titles and the band didn't even have a name yet (they ended up setting on Lurve, which makes for a pretty useful Dirtbombs reference-- "My Heart Burns With Deeps of Lurve"-- even if they didn't know it at the time), but the songs all rocked pretty solidly, and they had hooks. Eventually Mike gave me a full-fledged 8-song tape while he was driving around Straight Arrows on their tour, which is that picture that you see up at the top there. I don't know if you can get one for yourself, though, he might've just dubbed a couple copies to hand out for now.

Anyway, here's a couple of songs for you to check out, except that one of the songs I'm posting isn't on the tape-- it's from the batch of files that I got early on, just labeled "Track 3", so that's the only thing I know to call it. I'm still gonna include it here, though, since I kinda like how it steadily chugs along, with a sort of low-key, muttering vocal. The other song, "Looks So Young", is their "hit" (ha ha), the one with the video on Vimeo that I posted on my Facebook a while back. Oh, wait, I guess none of you guys read Facebook, good point.

Lurve -

"Lurve Track 03"

"Looks So Young"

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