Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Kind Comes And Goes

This demo is pretty awesome. I actually knew nothing about it when I bought it from Foreign Objects at the final FDZ show a few weeks ago-- Pink Nightmare includes Terry and Melissa from Foreign Objects, on guitar and drums-- but the I ended up playing it about four times in a row in the car on the ride home (at 5 songs total, it's only about 9 minutes long anyway). I don't have a really good way of describing this, except that it's punk rock and it rips. The singer for Foreign Objects said it was "like UK 82 style punk" when she handed it to me, but that's a scene that I never paid all that much attention to (other than owning the first couple of Discharge singles), meaning Pink Nightmare could sound just like The Varukers or something and I wouldn't know it. The pacing of "Botulism" and the one-string guitar solo reminds me of Guilty Faces "One Step Closer", that's about the best I can come up with. There's also a Pink Nightmare 7" that came out earlier in 2011, I haven't listened to it yet but if it's jut as good as the tape I might post that one later, too.

Pink Nightmare -


"White Lies"

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