Saturday, June 11, 2011

Attack Them All Until They're Destroyed

Chris Brokaw was playing last night at the Arch St. Tavern, but the last time I went see a show there I couldn't even get into the parking lot, so this time I went to Cafe Nine to see Oiltanker instead. There isn't another CT band I'd rather see on a Friday night than Oiltanker, anyway, though it was sorta different seeing them up on a stage at a club when before I've only seen them in basements and so forth. Once they let go, though, they still sounded like a monster behemoth... as good as ever, actually. They've got the test pressings for the LP in hand now (and an acetate, too-- weird), so hopefully it'll only be a matter of weeks before that's out... I thought about jetting early but I stuck around for one more band, Napoleon Complex, and I'm glad I did because they were maybe even better than the first time I saw them at The Whitney House back in February. They way Nicholas puts his riffs together is really cool; their songs are all mostly fast thrash, but then a lot of times they'll drop into a heavy hard rock beat, and it sounds really really good. CD coming out soon for them I guess, I'd rather see vinyl or even another tape, but it still should be worthwhile...

Oiltanker -


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