Sunday, May 29, 2011

Titus Andronicus Ain't Punk Rock, You Pussy

Jay Hinman thinks that 8Tracks is going to replace radio forever; I think it's a less interesting LastFM that even fewer people will want to use. However, I've been admiring the podcasts that Paul Bruno puts together for a while now, which has me thinking about starting a podcast myself, if only as a way to share new tracks and the odd mp3 or two that I otherwise wouldn't feel like writing an entire blog post about. The whole process of recording my voice and talking between songs and making musical "beds" and editing the whole thing, however, is probably well beyond my capabilities. So, I've decided to give this new 8Tracks thing a shot and use it to put together a mix of my own. There won't be any of me talking here, just a bunch of songs in a row that you may or may not be able to skip thru (8Tracks appear to be nazis about that sort of thing). Everything I've picked is fairly standard rock-sounding stuff-- nothing too weird or noisy-- although I've intentionally tried to cross everyone up by putting together a batch of songs where no one person could be familiar with everything that's on it already, unless you're the kind of person who spends all day with your nose in blogs downloading everything.

If you want, you can get back at me by leaving some kind of low score in the comments (1/13, 2/13, whatever), and that'll teach me to never do another one of these things.

1st One Base on an Overthrow mix
(click on link for mix; they're still too stupid to know how to let you properly embed these things, sorry)

Track Listing:

Knaves Grave - I Don’t Wanna Be Yr AARP
Estrogen Highs - Kings Run Errands For Me
Diet Cola - Sick Modern
Outdoor Miners - Bent Brain
Cold Warps - Stupid Tattoos
Sir Henry Fiat’s Bastard - Senorita, I’m In Spain
Title Tracks - Turn Your Face
Mess Folk - Modern Man
Sandworms - Broomhead
Demon’s Claws - Hypnotize
Royal Headache - Eloise
Rot Shit - Hipster Grandma
The Men - Bataille

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