Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Gonna Kill It Before It Kills Me

This messed-up lookin' rig is a box set that Scat put together of the first three Prisonshake singles (even though not all of them came out on Scat), plus an extra 7" of unreleased tracks, "Loaded Deck", that was included just for the fuck of it. I've already posted most of the material on the first three singles, which leaves "Loaded Deck"-- self-described as "a bunch of weird stuff that wouldn't have fit on a regular Prisonshake record", although as it turns out most of the songs were later included in some variation or another on "I'm Really Fucked Now" and "A Girl Named Yes".

Of the four songs on "Loaded Deck", "I Hear Your Name" is the one that sounds the most like your average straight-ahead Prisonshake rocker, though it's actually an Offbeats cover. "Kill That Bottle" is a stab at falling-down country, and can easily be passed off as something that could've been included on the second disc of "All For Nothing, Nothing For All". On the flip, "Greasy Chicken" slides in your ear like an Alex Chilton solo track (in fact, you can practically sing "Boogie Shoes" from "Flies On Sherbert" right over it), while “Hanging Eyeball Noose Trigger” is Prisonshake as Sockeye and Pain Teens (i.e. “Here’s Where The Sockeye Comes In”).

Not everyone is gonna think this stuff is great, of course, but keep in mind that this was just an add-in to a box set that came with three better-than-great Prisonshake singles to begin with, plus the box set as a whole was yet another in a string of flipped-out early Prisonshake releases that proved them to be a band that was pretty much willing to try anything... sorta like pre-Homostupids in that sense (calm down, that's just a joke). By the way, the weird-sounding compression on “I Hear Your Name” is from the record, not my mp3, so go pick your nits elsewhere.

Prisonshake -

"I Hear Your Name"

"Kill That Bottle"

"Greasy Chicken"

"Hanging Eyeball Noose Trigger"


Holly said...

I kinda love 'Greasy Chicken'. Then again, I *love* Like Flies on Sherbert!

'I Hear Your Name' sounds like They heard Superchunk.

BTW, I too have signed on to 8Tracks, but I'm not gonna participate until one can skip through tracks in a mix. What the heck are they thinking?

Brushback said...

Yeah, it's weird how they won't let you skip to one of the tracks at the end if you want. Because of that, I doubt that anyone's going to listen to the 13-song mix that I made all in one sitting.

Brushback said...

Number of people who have listened to the mix since Monday = 0

Besides, I screwed up (the Rot Shit song somehow got moved back a spot), but they don't let you re-arrange the order once you've "published" it, which is stupid.

Not that it matters at all, obviously