Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Glad I'm Not Your Friend

I wrote a list of my ten favorite '90s Connecticut 7"-ers for one of my zines once, only the issue never came out and then I lost all of the stuff for it (this was ten or eleven years ago so it's no big deal). China Pig's "Aurel" 7-inch was on the list, though mostly for the b-side, "Blanche Mafelda", which is probably the best example ever of how really good China Pig were at alternating between balls-crunchy rocking and somewhat dissonant droning. One of the amazing things about the b-side is how the drums sound appropriately dulled, as if the drum kit was underneath the studio floor and the drummer was pounding for his life to get out.

This 7" made up the other half of the M.U.D.D. colored-vinyl double-pack ("dos plattos") along with the Creature Did 7" that I just posted a few days ago. Both 7"-ers have run-off groove etchings on each side, and one of the four etchings-- on the b-side of the China Pig 7"-- is "Kill 'em all and let Groundwork sort it out". Maybe somebody else besides me will think that's funny.

China Pig -


"Blanche Mafelda"


gsdgsd13 said...

I think that etching's pretty great, though probably for all the wrong reasons.

Brushback said...

Yeah: CONNECTICUT Groundwork! Not Arizona (or wherever)

I have a Groundwork (CT) 7" that I still haven't posted yet... a Far Cry 7", too (ha ha)... so much more to get done, so little time