Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Know What It Is But I'll Keep It Anyway

"Flirtatious Negative Headjive" was the second Creature Did 7" but the third one I bought, since I bought them out of order. It ended up being my favorite out of all of them, though not everyone had the same opinion, I guess. When I bought this at a show in Danbury, Kevin told me later that day in an interview that not everyone liked this 7" as much as the other two ("We learned afterwards that you can't put any throwaway songs on the b-side of your record because people will take them seriously no matter what"). There's actually an almost-funny story about that show: Chixdiggit wasn't on the bill-- the show was The Muffs, Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver (anyone remember them?) and Creature Did-- but they were touring with UJBOD, so in-between bands they jumped up on stage, played a few songs, and then quickly jumped off. I don't know this firsthand, because I was outside the club at the time, but that's what I was told later at least.

The third Creature Did single might've represented the band's sound the best, but the first two were recorded at Trod Nossel-- where a lot of the tracks on Chilton's "Dusted In Memphis" were recorded, fuck yeah-- which is pretty good all by itself. I think what makes this one my favorite is that every song manages to hit on something wicked in one way or another, plus they're all a bit different from each other. The title track is one of the usual top-level Creature Did power-rock efforts; I think Kevin's vocals would work better here if they sounded a bit more unhinged, but otherwise it's a song that always left blisters when they played it live. "This Is All" features some nifty harmonica playing-- no, really-- from Joe Roberto (of G'Nu Fuz), and "Swimming Through Stucco" (one of the throwaways?) is about as close as Creature Did ever came to a pop song built upon a big hook. "Wrong Idea" goes completely in the opposite direction: recorded live, it starts out like a big thrashy mess, but then the breakdown/mosh part kicks in and drops a neat groove in the middle of everything. Though I normally like to leave one or two songs off when I post an EP, in this case I couldn't make up my mind on which songs to leave out so I figured fuckit, I'll post them all.

Somewhere along the way M.U.D.D. Industries paired together this single plus China Pig's "Aurel" single (MUDD #5 and #6) as a limited-edition double pack on splattered green and blue vinyl. I believe only 50 of these double packs were made, and I own two of them. One of the sets I have came with two copies of "Flirtatious Negative Headjive" by mistake, so all told I actually have four copies of the same EP. Yeah, pot is lame.

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justin said...

Love the band name and the cover photo is a whole story in itself. Can't sample the tunes at the moment the firewall at work is calling your links P2P...it'll have to wait. Like the write up and the fact that you post lyrics. I haven't seen it but you mention posting lyrics in the labels for the Media player/iTunes...great idea. Thanx for the comment over at my shack and added you to my links, which will help me stop over here from time to time.

Brushback said...

Yeah, I usually try to add the cover artwork to each mp3, and sometimes even the lyrics.. I don't add the lyrics every time, but it's funny you should bring it up because I happened to do it in this case, so all four of the songs here have the lyrics visible at the bottom when you play them through Windows Media player.