Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Got More Regrets Than I Can Understand

I've been listening to a lot of Paul Westerberg's solo stuff in the car over the past couple of weeks, trying to decide in my head whether much of it has any merit (the final answer being, "not always"). Not that Jeremy Porter's output totally correlates to what Paul Westerberg does-- his writing style is different, especially in the lyrics-- but there's a bit of Westerberg's and Tommy Stinson's post-'Mats stuff in the way the guitars sound, and in the song tempos. If anything, I'd actually say that Jeremy's voice reminds me more of Bob Mould, although that may only be because "If I Can't Change Your Mind" and "Not Like You're Mine" seem like interchangeable song titles to me.

Listening to Westerberg in the car did make me pull out this CD, though, which I got from Jeremy a while ago with the idea that I'd write something about it, which I sorta neglected getting around to until now. Unlike the OffRamps, whose final CD I wrote about a few years ago, Jeremy's solo CD has a lot more of a grown-up singer/songwriter bent to it, even as it borrows an old OffRamps song ("Hallmark Holidays") and reprises the title of an old OffRamps song ("Party of One") as the title of the CD. There's still three pretty good straight-up rockers on the here-- "Out Inside", "When September Passed Us By", and "Not Like Your Mine"-- which is the stuff that I like best, of course. There's a few more songs available to check out on the web site, or to buy the CD, right here:

Jeremy Porter -

"Not Like You're Mine"

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