Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kings Run Errands For Me

track three side two looks like a quiet one

Besides the new Estrogen Highs "Friends and Relatives" LP, which came out on Gramery a couple of weeks ago, the new Estrogen Highs "Cycles" 12" will be out on Safety Meeting in February. It'll be an edition of 300 with silkscreened sleeves, so if you want to get a head start you can pre-order the EP here. Through that same link you can check out dates for the current Estrogen Highs tour, which starts today and stretches out to the West Coast and Canada and back, even though the dates that are posted look like they're a couple of revisions old.

I've been digging "Kings Run Errands (For Me)", one of the songs from "Cycles", on the Estrogen Highs myspace page for a while now; Safety Meeting posted the track on their web site yesterday, and for now it's also available as a free 320kbps download-- click on the part of the widget down below where it says "download". Be sure to grab it, because it's an awesome song (the bass and drums fucken slay), and then buy "Cycles" when it comes out-- and buy "Friends and Relatives" too-- because it doesn't hurt to own more good records.

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