Sunday, January 2, 2011

All You've Got Is An Empty Hole

Whomever the guy was after the show on Thursday who said it was a great show but neither band really killed it sorta hit the nail on the head. I wasn't aware of it when I first walked into the place, but this was White Bronco's first show ever, and I think they pulled it off okay. Not that they would've been sweating it much anyway, since their line-up is all guys that a bunch of people from around here would easily recognize. Genesis (from Hand Grenade Serenade) played bass on the demo that I was carrying on about a few weeks ago, but he's since moved over to second guitar, with the guy from Half Shaved Yak taking over on bass. The drummer is actually the frontman for Chasing Trinity, Jordan, and he's a wicked drummer, too-- even handling the vocals during the break in "Carl Weathers".

Now that I've seen White Bronco, I'm still gonna say that the riffs remind me of How Do We Jump This High?/Iron Chic-type stuff a lot, although I'm not saying that's the sound they're aiming for, or if they're even aware that it exists. Still, if you took out Andy's vocals (which are quite a bit different from the Long Island style) and added something more gruff on top, you could stick these guys on one of the Dead Broke compilation tapes without anyone knowing the difference. I don't even remember how many songs they played on Thursday, but I really liked the second one and the last one; the second one doesn't have a title yet, but I think the last one was called "True Black".

I hadn't seen Murdervan in nearly two years, which is practically a lifetime as far as those things go. Their set on Thursday might've had a light layer of dust on it, but it was still pretty good, with Andre and Adoni keeping things locked into place so that Shaun could effortlessly pull huge chords out of his guitar as if it were nothing. They even played three new songs-- unless one of them was a cover or an older song that I didn't recognize-- including one called "Florida" that was pretty rockin'. I get a kick out of Murdervan every time I see them, because it reminds me of all the older dudes in the CT hardcore scene back in the mid-80's (from bands like CIA, Lost Generation, Vatican Commandos, Dresden, Bad Attitude, etc.) who were either trying to evolve into hard rock or were starting heavy metal side projects, just to show us younger punks how to "rock"... except that none of them were manly enough to pull it off. Murdervan has that style exactly, the difference being they can pull it off.

Murdervan -

"Black Phil"

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