Sunday, July 4, 2010

They Threw Me Off The Hay Truck About Noon

There was a free Titles show at Cafe Nine last night, last-minute so you probably missed it. It was a birthday bash for Ryan Gorman (Glue Machine, Iron Hand). Glue Machine played-- their riffs started to sink in with me a little better than they did the first time I saw them. Think Black Flag, side-two-and-afterwards ("Nothing Left Inside") with a little bit of Flipper (I thought they were playing "Sex Bomb" as their third song, but they weren't). They're still working on it. Some guy who I'm guessing doesn't own "Jealous Again" got up on stage to tell jokes. Titles played about seven or eight songs. Adrian from Titles had a short in his set-up, got shocked right away through his microphone, and sang his back-ups away from the mic after that. "Fuck It" got changed-up to a more languid pace, sounding folky. Brad's phrasing for "Pillowcase" became almost soul, or something. "Who To Hold" rocked. I didn't feel like working and only took a couple of pictures. That's it.

Titles -

"Going Down To Die"
(Danzig cover)

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