Saturday, June 19, 2010

That Hole Should've Been A Bit Deeper

Probably the coolest thing I've gotten in the mail recently (since I'm still waiting for that House Boat poster from Traffic Street) is the first Get Haunted CD, "Volume I", which was just finished last week. Only 36 of these have been made so far, and it comes in a really cool hand-assembled sleeve which includes a set of individual lyric cards-- one for each song-- tucked away in a small envelope inside the gatefold. If you want to try getting your hands on one of these precious little darlings, they're available from the band for ten dollars; if you go to the Get Haunted blogspot (here), you might find some more info. The blog is also where you can hear a handful of new Get Haunted songs, which aren't on this CD-- there's a "Volume II" as well as an EP, "From The Basement", planned for later in the year.

In the meantime, here's three songs from "Volume I" to listen to; they're not downloadable, but jeez, not everything can be free.

Get Haunted -

(these files are listen-only)

"Bell Witch"




mogwaione said...

Thanks for this, I'd never heard of these guys until your blogging of them and I definitely want to buy this!!!

Holly said...

Jim is ... quite something!

Thank you.

Brushback said...

It was pretty interesting seeing them play "Jim" live, because Joe does both voices.

Less than 20 copies left of the CD, they're saying. I guess if you leave them a message/comment through the Get Haunted blog, they'll get back to you about buying one.

You can also buy the songs through the Get Haunted bandcamp:

Get Haunted music