Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Know I'm Just Gonna Get Crushed Again

On Saturday I made my first trip to Popeye's Garage, so named because it's literally right up against a Popeye's Chicken in New Haven... which might even be the best Popeye's I've ever been at, leading me to go back for seconds of some new chicken tenders thing that Popeye's has now, one that comes with its own tiny glass bottle of Tabasco sauce. I can't imagine how simple I must be to get excited over a glass bottle of Tabasco sauce the size of a finger tip, but there it is. I'm probably just hyped-up now that there's going to be shows somewhere within lazy walking distance of a reasonable eating establishment, since most of the other venues have nothing, other than maybe Whitney House.

Popeye's Garage is a new space being spearheaded by Stefan from Estrogen Highs, and so far it seems like the main focus will be to support the New Haven area's festering noise/outsider scene, so I guess it sorta figures that my first trip to Popeye's would be for a regular punk show. I'll get my freak-ness together eventually (probably not), but in the meantime there's a Home Blitz/Estrogen Highs show this Saturday, and MV&EE with The Mountain Movers the night before that. Just check out the link down near the bottom of the sidebar over there for more info... shit's happening, no doubt.

I think I'm starting to figure out why I like Oiltanker so much; their riffs might be played crusty-hardcore fast, but they still have a totally heavy Motörhead/Priest hard rock beat to them, most likely because Oiltanker's got the best rhythm section of any band Connecticut. If they played every night when they were on tour like they played on Saturday night, people's jaws must've been hitting the floor, like, "how can these guys be so fucking good?" They might've been struggling with the sound of the room a little bit, but as far as playing goes they friggin' killed it.

Even as they think their sets keep getting worse, Dead Uncles keep getting better. I remember when I first saw them two years ago and heard some demo tracks, and I thought they sounded a lot like Dillinger Four. I don't know if that comparison still holds true or not, but I think they're definitely starting to get their feet under them now. I've always loved "Flatlining" live, especially the part with the flams, though it wasn't until I heard the recorded version that I noticed the sorta-bouncy intro part, which I'm not totally crazy about... it's still one of their best songs, though. New record out soon.

Oiltanker -

"Consume and Grow"

Dead Uncles -



gsdgsd13 said...

That Oiltanker stuff sounds fantastic. And now I note that you've posted stuff before -- I'll have to track some stuff down.

And, you've made me really hungry for chicken.

Brushback said...

"Crusades" is probably going to make my 2010 "fake best-of" list.

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now inactive.