Monday, February 23, 2009

You'll Never Make It Out Unbowed

Classics of Love, from radicalcooper's Flickr page

I found out last week that Post-Modern Sounds are gonna start playing under the name Birth of Flower next month, adding to the already rapidly-spreading rash of brand-new "of" bands that have been popping up lately (Birth of Flower, Thorns of Life, Classics of Love)...

I don't have any Birth of Flower songs to post yet (although their MySpace page,, is up and running already), so here's a demo song from one of the other "of" bands, Classics of Love, which I've been playing steadily on my mp3 player for about a month and a half now. I was never a big Operation Ivy fan-- Classics of Love being Jesse Michaels of OpIvy-- but this song's definitely got the goods. All credit goes to the drummer for the added ooomph on this one.

Classics of Love -


(this file is now listen-only)

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