Sunday, August 17, 2008

You'll Never Get A Story Like That Past Me

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Getting a record in the mail is an unlikely event around here, so when this thing showed up (a "Dirty Moons" test pressing), I was pretty much high for the rest of the day to say the least. Yes, it's physically heavy (like a brick), and yes, it's a monster record. I'm gonna skip going into a full review right now, since I've only really listened to it once, but I can say that it easily blows away all of the expectations that I had for it. There's hardly any filler-- exactly the opposite, as the odd bits work well with moving things along and holding the whole record together-- and the parts that rock rock like Prisonshake should rock. There's none of that dicking-around using the studio as a crutch and turning the drum sound up to make you think they're rocking, like all those really shitty bands have to do.

For now, you can check out the entirety of Side One on Prisonshake's MySpace page (go here for that), with the record due out on Aug. 26th. (The actual release is gonna have a booklet and some other neat goodies and the sleeve artwork is way more elaborate than my photos can convey, so don't worry.) I'm not posting a download here, just a listen-only file so that you can hear one more song on top of the ones that are already available on the band's web site.

"Dirty Moons" was put together to be an album, I keep reading all the time, and not just a collection of individual songs-- an example being "Your Sad Friend", which was an oddity on the "Nice Price" EP but works perfectly as the lead-in to "Favorite Hospital" on the LP. "Favorite Hospital" itself is a "She Talks Trouble"-type mover. I'm telling you right now, this record is gonna be so friggin' good.

Prisonshake, "Your Sad Friend"/"Favorite Hospital"


chnkltgy said...

That's awesome! Robert sent me a test pressing too! Stoked to have the Shake back playing music!

Brushback said...

This record is unbelievable.