Sunday, August 17, 2008

Murdervan Makes The Papers

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...though I'm sure it's not the first time they've been in the New Haven Advocate, just the first time I remember seeing one of my photos used. Not that I was given a photo credit or anything, though that's not a big deal. Like the Advocate was supposed to know; they think The Reducers are still punk rock. "Support your local fuck-ups!"

Listening to Murdervan takes me back to the Connecticut hardcore scene circa '86, when the scene elders wanted everyone to believe that bands like Bad Attitude (battitude!) and the reformed C.I.A. were going to move beyond thrash into something heavier, and show us all how to rock. That didn't happen, obviously, but I think Murdervan are finally pulling off what those bands were trying to accomplish-- heavy rock that's a step or two beyond hardcore, but still very, very good.

"The Scraping" is probably the best song off Murdervan's most recent CD, or at least it's my personal favorite, especially live when it takes on a whole new form of punishment.

Murdervan -

"The Scraping"

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