Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't Ask Me What This Means

If there already wasn't enough of a reason to like Nobunny (you people DO like Nobunny, right?), his "Braceface" single from a couple of years back includes a cover of MOTO's "It Tastes Just Like a Milkshake", one of the greatest hits of the 20th century. The Nobunny version even improves on the original a little bit, adding a clever little bridge ("I wanna show you just how sweet it is....") as an extra change-up to the deal. Plus the "Braceface" sleeve is a takeoff on some Elton John record, though I'm at a loss to remember which one right now. Probably the one that has the duet with Fritz Peterson on it.

Nobunny -

"It Tastes Just Like a Milkshake"


lex dexter said...

Hey I've returned to regular following after a long lull. 'Used to do a blog called the Prisonship that I'm trying to resurrect, alongside another blog and a tumblr, during a manic phase of writing.

Anyway, I like this Nobunny cut better than anything on the LP, which was also cool. I am really impressed by the Douchemaster roster, and want to take the opportunity to plug the Cola Freaks record. There's an mp3 on the site you can hear, but I'd merely add that in the current phase for which the Killed By Death comp is functioning as Nuggets once did, they are the most unrelenting and ceaselessly interesting thing I've heard. And whereas the GG King lp, which I quite like, couldn't sustain the immediacy of their singles, Cola Freaks are capable of holding you suspended against a wall for the entire 24:32 of their record.

Another thing that happened since I last frequented your blog was a move from Oregon to Ann Arbor, MI. There are plenty of good bands here, blah-blah, but EASY ACTION are fucking all-fucking-powerful. A lot of locals roll their eyes and apparently harbor weird memories of Brannon's darker personal times ca. Laughing Hyenas. Happily unburdened, I simply go see the band whenever and wherever they play in the state, which is usually a dump or a more inappropriate, 'hep' location for art students with silkscreens and more merch than balls. Easy Action wait their turn and destroy. Unlike an older friend of mine from SoCal who can make, and does make, the Flag comparison, David Yow and the Jesus Lizard are really the closest thing I've seen to Brannon and band's intensity. But the latter is a horrible comparison because Easy Action make the Jesus Lizard sound like Yes. Anyway, such a band! Such a singer! It's probably impossible a recording can capture their power, and its highly improbable they'll be signed anywhere anytime soon. But see them if you can. For fucks like us, the anger is outright life-affirming.

Brushback said...

I've actually downloaded that Cola Freaks mp3 ("Sniper"). If people are interested, they can also download the other a-side from this Nobunny single ("Brace Face") from the Douchemaster web site, as well.

I've actually been lucky enough to see Easy Action three times over the past year or so. Yeah, totally amazing band when you see them live, everybody in the band is a top-notch player.

I'll be looking out for your tumblr, or blog, or whatever...