Monday, January 16, 2012

I Don't Agree With You At All

I bought this record from the drummer of Foreign Objects at a show last year, and I almost pee'd myself pulling the record out of the box (not really). Henry Fiat's Open Sore could possibly be the greatest pack-of-foreigners punk band of the previous decade or so, although I don't expect anyone here to back me on this. This is hyper-fast punk that stops just short of thrash, and although there's nothing on this single that's on the level of "Does It Look Like I Give a Fuck" or "George W Bush is a Fucking Hippie" (wait, that last one is a different band), this is still world-beater type stuff. Whether in Henry Fiat's Open Sore or Sir Henry Fiat's Bastard, Sir Henry Fiat's got some of the best pipes ever, like if Danzig were from Stockholm, only without the Elvis thing going on. This is also one of the loudest records I've ever ripped-- I literally had to turn it down to "1" in order to keep the headphones on. In short, this is just fucking GREAT.

Henry Fiat's Open Sore -

"(Proud To Be The) Black Sheep"

"(Wanted: Petite Female Born) 1972"

"I Beg To Differ"

"Love Makes You Fat"


Anonymous said...

Never heard of these guys before, but bloody freaking hell is this awesome- thanks for the rip! Will now promptly Google for more info....

Brushback said...

You're welcome!