Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Got Something To Say When You're Done Talking

I didn't write anything when Rational Animals came through Willimantic and played a bust-out set back in July because I was busy working on the zine at the time and blah blah blah. Anyway, their sound in the Handsome Woman basement that night was totally huge, with the guitar player and bass player pounding out dark twisted Ginn/Dukowski riffs up and down their fretboards non-stop as if they were pounding nails into the concrete floor. Easily the best guitar/bass pairing I've seen bookending a punk band since I saw Night Birds at Whitney House two years ago. Check these guys out if you get the chance-- they're fucking mean.

You can buy their new LP ("Bock Rock Parade") from Katorga Works, or download the whole thing for free, though the two songs I've posted below are my own vinyl rips. The LP's pretty neat -- the label artwork rips off the old Atlantic Records logo, and the b-side label is marked for the wrong speed (45, when both sides play at 33), which is almost funny.

Rational Animals -

"Guess What? (Crunch)"

"Darker Shade of Blue"

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