Friday, December 23, 2011

Fake Best Of 2011

Kitchen's Floor -


The Moby Dicks -


Michael Beach -

"There Is No Edge of The World to Run To"

Burning Sensation -


"I Wonder"

Fuckheads -

"Fueled By Vice" (2011 tour tape).zip


Holly said...

Good calls re Kitchen's Floor, Medication, Estrogen Highs & Straight Arrows.

Any chance of a track from the Mountain Movers cassette? I hate buying anything self-described as "very lo-fi" without a wee preview.

Everything else I need to go research.

Happy whatever!

Brushback said...

Almost every song on the two Mountain Movers tapes ("Come In" and "Get Out") has been posted on their tumblr...

You'll have to scroll back a bit, of course.

Brushback said...

Oh, and Happy Whatever!

Anonymous said...

Shoppers, hells yes...and do you mean Daisycutter the grindcore band?

Brushback said...

Yeah, the Daisycutter from the Midwest -- the one that put out a split w/Socially Retarded on PRGNT.... (I think they also have a new 7" on Bullshit Propaganda, but I haven't found it yet)

RossK said...

Jeebuz, Mike.

So much stuff to to listen to and so few holidazed days to listen to it all.


(and at the risk of being all John Obvious for a connoisseur such as yourself, for a left coast canuckistanian perspective on the birth of doing it all oneself, I think you might like flicking through the various pages here.

RossK said...'s the actual link.

Brushback said...

I'm hoping I can see the whole thing one of these days...

jeffen said...

The Cold Warps is great and that "Spiders" song by the Moby Dicks rocks too.

Excellent list, as always!

Brushback said...