Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wasting Your Time Is All I'll Ever Do

The most I knew about this record when I first bought it was that four bands from Boston had recorded a 10" EP of Tampoffs covers before the Tampoffs themselves even had a record out, which is a pretty funny idea. I was already a little bit familiar with Turpentine Brothers, since I have one other record of theirs (a 7" split with CoCoComa), plus The Konks is Kurt Davis of Kustomized and Bullet LaVolta, of course. I had to pump up the volume a bit when I ripped this because the mastering is annoyingly quiet, but the covers themselves are fairly good and loud, as they were all recorded on a 4-track in a basement somewhere-- the way God intended music to be recorded. Well, Tommy and The Terrors kinda suck, but their song has the best title ("Hartford Pigeon"), so I'm leaving it in.

Turpentine Brothers -

"Too Long"

The Konks -

"All The Time"

Spitzz -


Tommy and The Terrors -

"Hartford Pigeon"

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