Friday, August 19, 2011

God Peed On All My Enemies

I'd never seen Ultrabunny before, so I was a bit surprised by how hard they can rock out. Not that Bunnybrains were wimpy, or anything like that (is it in poor form to mention Bunnybrains here? It is, isn't it? Oh well, fuck it), just that Ultrabunny are, like, way way rock, like Flipper "Get Away" meets Kilslug type rock. When they played at Popeye's the other week, I was standing off to the left (away from the guitar amps) so that all I could hear was the drumming-- which was loud and direct, the way I like it-- and Malcolm pumping out the Lemmy-like basslines non-stop. It was pretty great, actually. There's plenty of records and tapes to document all of this, of course (Ultrabunny have a new release every week or so, it seems), but none that I've heard match up to STANDING IN FRONT OF THE BASS AMP SO THAT ALL YOU CAN HEAR ARE THE BASS AND DRUMS THE WHOLE TIME. Friggin' awesome.

I bought the "Volume Merchants"/"Unsafe At Any Age" LP when I saw them at Popeyes -- the "Volume Merchants" side has a track listing that goes Small War, Medium War, Large War, and My War-- so here's Large War, all eight minutes and forty nine seconds' worth of it. Put it on and start washing dishes or something, I don't know.

Ultrabunny -

"Large War"


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