Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting For The Lightning To Strike

A split 7" of two bands covering each other's songs: That Petrol Emotion (who I never really dug but are OK here) cover the Membranes' one big "hit", while the Membranes pull out a lengthy reworking of That Petrol Emotion's "Big Decision", which is a nice enough turn, I guess, even if it never really goes anywhere... makes me wonder, when someone asks you to contribute a cover song for a measly 7", who thinks sending in something 8 minutes long is a really good idea?... almost makes me wanna post "Mirror Blues" next, just for laughs.

That Petrol Emotion -

"Everybody's Goin' Triple Bad Acid, Yeah!"

Membranes -

"Big Decision (Slight Return)"


Holly said...

I double dog dare ya. I *like* Mirror Blues! :-)

Brushback said...

I like it too, but oh man, ripping that thing (I've got the 7", so it continues onto the second side) would be horrible.

I think I'll probably try it, though.